Q. What do I need to get started with plastic snaps?

A. You’ll need a press, die set and snaps.
The easiest way to get started is with our Starter Kits.
If you’re making items for yourself and family, our portable professional presses are very popular. They are light weight and easy to transport.
If you’re creating garments on a larger scale or running a business, then the heavy duty Table Press (Green DK93) is ideal.
Regardless of your situation, you’re going to love how easy it is to provide a professional finish to your creations!


Q. Can I use other fasteners on my press (eg metal snaps)?

A. Each type of fastener (eg plastic snaps, metal snaps, rivets, grommets) requires its own specific die set. We carry dies for our fasteners only. If you’d like to use another brand of fasteners on our presses, you’ll need to source their dies and make sure they fit the machine (ie be sure they’re compatible with the shank size of the press).


Q. What's an Adaptor Base? Why do I need one?

A. You'll only need an Adaptor Base if you're using the Table Press (green DK93). The bottom die hole on this press is large... too large for our SA branded dies (eg our metal snap dies, rivet dies, no-change dies, removal dies). The Adaptor Base simply makes this hole smaller so that it's compatible with those dies. The Adaptor Base is NOT required if using the portable presses (Stand-Up or Handheld Press).

See this video to explain:


Q. I already have a Table Press DK93 (Green Machine), can I use it for metal snaps and/or rivets?

A. Yes, but you’ll need the die set for type/size metal snaps you’re planning to use, plus the Adaptor Base(this makes the bottom die hole of the DK93 small enough to accommodate the die).

NOTE: if you’re using one of our portable presses (Stand-Up or Handheld Press), the Adaptor Base is not required.
Q. What’s the difference with the “No-Change” Die and how can I use it?

A. The “No-Change” Die is for plastic snaps. It allows you to apply sockets and studs without needing to change over the top die. It can be used with any of our professional presses. However, if you’re using the Table Press (green DK93), you will also need the Adaptor Base to make the bottom die hole the compatible (not required for the portable presses).

See below video.


Q. What size plastic snaps do you recommend?

A. For plastic snaps, we recommend size 20 plastic snaps for most projects (12.4mm diameter). It’s the most versatile. It’s perfect for children’s clothing, bibs, nappies, sanitary pads and much more. It can tackle thick fabric layers and is even popular for wetsuit material, denim and canvas. It’s an industrial strength polyacetal resin, suitable for commercial use.

Q. My snaps aren’t snapping… why won’t my snaps clip together properly?

A. It’s important to apply enough pressure on the handle of the press so that the centre prong of the cap is properly flattened. If it’s not flattened sufficiently the pieces can’t click together. 
We recommend using a low table (not the kitchen bench) so that you can put some body weight into the handle (some smaller customers even use the machine on the floor so they can apply more pressure). 
Q. How do I remove a snap if I’ve made a mistake?
A. The easiest way to remove a snap is with a Snap Removal Die (it makes the task almost fun!). 
Alternatively, you can use a hobby soldering iron. Just burn a hold through the centre of the cap and it will then fall off (just watch you don’t burn your fingers!).