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Professional Press Machines

Snaps Australia Professional Snap Press Machines are easy to operate and durable. With a selection of dies they can be used for multiple functions including applying plastic snaps, metal snaps and rivets. They can also be used to remove snaps and punch holes. You’ll be amazed by the professional finish they give every project!

Each type of snap/fastener requires its relevant die attachment. Dies can be interchanged between all Snaps Australia Professional Press Machines (excl basic pliers which are limited to plastic snaps only). Our selection of presses allows you to choose an option based on your needs and budget. 

Professional TABLE Press (DK93-KAM)

We stock the KAM DK93 model of Professional Table Press Machine. Designed for commercial use but also suitable for the hobby enthusiast, this press machine will provide a professional finish to any garment. Weighing 5kg, this press is heavy duty and robust. As a multi-function press, it will allow you to apply plastic snaps, metal snaps and rivets (you will however need the "Adaptor Base" for most dies to fit the DK93). 

Professional HANDHELD Press

This professional multi-function press can be used to apply plastic snaps, metal snaps and rivets. It's robust but also light weight and very portable (weighs 380gm). It provides a professional finish for your garments and is suitable for hobbyists and professionals.

The Handheld press is an alternative “handheld” version of the Table Press. The amount of grip strength required is low.

Professional STAND-UP/PORTABLE Press

This press can be used to apply plastic snaps, metal snaps and rivets. 

Used in an upright position, pushing down on the lever… the Stand-Up Press is like a miniature version of the Table Press (weighs 580gm). The press can also be mounted to a table or board if desired (optional).


NOTE: Dies are need for each type of fastener and available separately. Find dies here (press will not function without dies).


Getting started: all you need to get started is to choose your machine, some snaps and a die set (each size of snaps needs its corresponding die set - the same machine is used).
We recommend a "STARTER KIT". It will provide you with the press machine, snaps and die set. Just choose the size snaps you'd like to use.

Size 20 is the most popular size for plastic snaps. It is suitable for most jobs. A perfect choice for making nappies, bibs, menstrual pads and children's clothing!

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